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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1166 – God of Unkilling glove foot
“Of training, you can do so any time. I still need to many thanks for serving our Dugu spouse and children catch the traitor. Our Dugu household will certainly repay you. Nonetheless, you should view over Unkilling Dugu. He’s very scary and he’s cunning. Do not allow him to break free.” As being the dark colored-robed man spoke, he manufactured an appealing gesture prior to taking walks towards Myriad Elephant Valley.
Prior to he could complete his sentence, his laugh froze on his deal with. Then, his eyes were actually stuffed with scary.
In the event the dark colored-robed man discovered Zhou Wen’s steps, he envisioned he would personally finish off the unconscious person. He said that has a teeth, “Whoever comprehends the times is a fantastic guy. The Dugu spouse and children will recall your buddies.h.i.+p. We shall get Secondly Become an expert in the instant possible…”
“Really?” Zhou Wen frowned since he considered the dark colored-robed man.
The dark colored-robed person was alarmed.
Zhou Wen reached to seize the man on to the ground. The black-robed man didn’t be afraid to acquire many Gu to lunge for the unconscious man. Such as a sandstorm, these people were anywhere.
“Zhou Wen, my Dugu family members are staying besieged by a grouping of undiscovered persons. 2nd Learn as well as the rest are trapped in Myriad Elephant Valley…” the guy anxiously shouted at Zhou Wen.
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Unkilling Dugu didn’t pause. He gritted his the teeth and walked towards Myriad Elephant Valley without intention of retreating.
“Sure.” The black-robed man agreed upon without the reluctance. He even considered the guy and sneered. “Unkilling Dugu, I am afraid you will be taken wrongly to make use of this sort of methods to sow discord between our Dugu loved ones and Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen and 2nd Grasp are buddies. Just what exactly when you let him enter into Myriad Elephant Valley?”
Chapter 1166: G.o.d of Unkilling
“Zhou Wen, my Dugu family members are staying besieged by a small group of not known folks. Next Learn along with the rest are held in Myriad Elephant Valley…” the person anxiously shouted at Zhou Wen.
The guy in dark colored little the suggestion of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. He desired to use his Blood stream Substance to jolt the Gu, although the Gu remained motionless.
“Does that signify the Dugu household is excellent?” Zhou Wen expected.
“Isn’t your method too despicable? You want to incite Zhou Wen to turn into foes with my Dugu family members to be able to get away from in the chaos? It is pointless. You are also a member of the Dugu spouse and children, so you need to understand the way of the Dugu family,” the black colored-robed gentleman said indifferently.
The man was about to say anything when Zhou Wen disturbed him and mentioned, “Since the Dugu family is high-quality, I’ll acquire him in to take a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally fingers him to Worm Dugu.”
The man was approximately to state some thing when Zhou Wen interrupted him and claimed, “Since the Dugu family is excellent, I’ll consider him in to take a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally fingers him up to Worm Dugu.”
These Gu’s lives have been intricately associated with him. He obtained forcefully spewed out his Blood stream Basis and Heart and soul Vigor to stimulate his probable, helping to make the Gu glance at the hazard of dying. Usually, they might battle for the dying. Even when they came across their organic foe, they will battle to the dying.
How is this probable?
“Yes.” Unkilling Dugu observed Zhou Wen’s puzzlement and defined, “The Basis Power Art work I cultivate is sort of unique. It makes me search very much young than my real age. Most likely this is basically the good thing about not killing.”
The dark-colored-robed man’s pupils restricted while he urged the Gu, but it really was entirely unproductive. Even Mythical Gu were definitely trembling silently on the floor. Irrespective of how he urged, there seemed to be no reaction.
With that said, Zhou Wen stabbed with the man’s physique together with his contrary. His hands and fingers which are akin to a distinct blade stabbed within the man’s system having a resplendent glow.
“Really?” Zhou Wen frowned while he viewed the dark colored-robed person.
“Zhou Wen, my Dugu family members are remaining besieged by several undiscovered persons. Next Become an expert in as well as the sleep are trapped in Myriad Elephant Valley…” the person anxiously shouted at Zhou Wen.
“Your Lifestyle Providence is the G.o.d of Unkilling?” Zhou Wen sized up Unkilling Dugu and was somewhat distrustful. This was because the legendary Unkilling Dugu was likely in his forties or fifties, and this mankind looked to remain his thirties.
Zhou Wen obtained already grabbed the unconscious man with the collar and lifted him up.
Zhou Wen nodded and didn’t harp on Unkilling Dugu’s ident.i.ty. He checked out the dark-colored-robed mankind and asked, “Can we go into the valley now?”
As soon as the Gu were actually blasted out, Chick spat out a golden flames that burnt all the Gu to ashes.
“Yes.” Unkilling Dugu nodded.
“Does that mean the Dugu household is good?” Zhou Wen expected.
Zhou Wen’s last punch struck the unconscious male. The Gu which had drilled into his human body were delivered hovering. Perhaps the Head Drilling Worms that had drilled into his neurological ended up no exemption.
The man was about to convey some thing when Zhou Wen disrupted him and stated, “Since the Dugu family is great, I’ll consider him in to take a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally fingers him up to Worm Dugu.”
The unconscious person got already woken up. He landed on the floor and crawled up. He viewed his body system in surprise and joy.
“He can’t break free.” Zhou Wen gestured for Unkilling Dugu to steer exactly how.

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